When you chop up meat, mix it with spices, then grill it on a stick, it is bound to be delicious. That said, some places mess up this seemingly simple practice. It is out of stupidity, laziness, or simply not caring, either way, a restaurant that cannot even cook a decent kebap goes out of business very quickly in Istanbul. The Invisible Hand turns the kebap another rotation.

Alo Dürüm has stood the test of time (more than a year) which is actually a pretty good run by Istanbul standards, and following the logic of Adam Smith, I decided to give it a try. The English menu was perplexing to say the least, so forgoing the menu altogether I asked for a portion of Adana Kebap, which was served with spicy tomato chutney, warm bread, salad, and bulgur pilav. For 8 lira it was a decent deal for a quick lunch, and its location directly across from the Sirkeci train and tram stops makes it ideal for those heading towards the Eminönü ferry station.
Alo Dürüm

Dervişoğlu sk. no. 3

Emınönü, Ist.


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