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carpets at Dosim

This blog is, of course, mainly about eating and drinking in Sirkeci, but sometimes you need to take a between meal break, and maybe do a bit of shopping. The most common question someone visiting Istanbul asks me is “where can i buy a carpet without getting ripped off.” Luckily, there is an answer, and that answer is Dösim. This is a municipal run retail outlet selling Turkish made goods including carpets, ceramics, glassware, and other assorted goodies. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism sets the prices and feels culturally obligated to promote the local artisans of the nation.

Another question people like to ask is “how do i know if a carpet is real” well, if it is made of some material woven into a carpet shape, then it is real. It exists. If you mean, is it handmade, or is it really made in Turkey, or are the dyes natural, then you may be worrying about things that don’t really matter. If you are a collector and you care about those things, then you know what to look for. If you just want a nice carpet to put in your house, all that matters is that it looks nice and it isn’t to expensive right? Lucky, the employees at Dösim are happy to help you find what your looking for without any pushy sales men or haggling. Carpets range from about 300 Turkish Lira upwards into the thousands depending on size, if it is silk, wool, or acrylic, and the complexity of the pattern.

Hobyar Mahallesi  Şeyhülislam Hayri Efendi Caddesi
No:2/1  34112 Eminönü İSTANBUL
(0212) 526 95 47


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