GÜVENÇ KONYALI: Meat-bread Street-cred


The Güvenç family has been baking up Konya style etli ekmek (meat-bread) since 1988 when they opened up their first location in Merter. There are now four locations, one of which is in the Hoca Paşa neighborhood of Sirkeci, Istanbul. This area is chock-full of great restaurants and eateries of every type, from rice and beans, to döner, to tantuni, it can be difficult to choose one to patronize.

Konya, where this dish purportedly originates, is in central Turkey. The main claim to fame for this village-grown-into-city is candy, as well as being the final resting place for one of the great Sufi masters, Mevlana Rumi.

Etli ekmek can be really great or really boring. This one was delicious. The crust was such a perfect consistency that it stayed chewy in the middle and crunchy around the edges, maintaining an exciting texture. Not a strikingly photogenic food, its simpleness is its greatest quality. By not  mixing to many flavors, it is possible to taste the freshness of the maydanoz (parsley), the tangy lemon juice, the slightly salty meat and pepper topping, and the crisp dough.

Additionally, this particular food holds a great advantage over its wicked step-sister the pide, in that the absence of greasy cheese provides a lighter meal which leaves you feeling better prepared to face the traffic related perils of Istanbul. Etli eknek costs 10tl and is good to share between two people with a çorba (soup) starter. A wide variety of kebaps (meats on sticks) are also available fresh from the large stone oven.

  • Don’t Miss: Etli ekmek
  • Best Perk: Quick and light
  • Average Price: 10tl
Güvenç Konyalı Etli Ekmek
Hoca Paşa Hamam Sok. 4, Sirkeci

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