HACI BEKIR: The 1777 Candy Revolution


As the only shop in Turkey operating on the same premises for more than 200 years, as well as holding one of the very first 100 patons for their award winning lokum (Turkish Delight) this sweet shop is a bit of living history. Opened in 1777, the shop is still family owned, operated today by the fifth generation of the Bekir family.

Lokum is the name of the game at this historically renovated proprieter. Free samples abound, choose your favorite and then buy it by the kilo.

Akide is also sold here, it is a hard candy of different shapes and flavors, and enjoyed often during the Şeker Bayram (sweet holiday).

  • Don’t Miss: Pomegranate Lokum
  • Best Perk: History
  • Average Price: 17tl per kilo of Turkish Delight
Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir
Hamidiye Cad. No.83 Eminonu


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