HAFIZ MUSTAFA: Your Dentist Needs To Make His Boat Payment

Desserts at Hafiz Mustafa

A post describing every delectable Turkish dessert would be long as a book and simply a redundancy of several other well written articles already published on The Internets. In fact, I am not a sweet tooth kind of guy. Instead, I tend towards the salty savory aspect. Sometimes it’s nice to indulge in a solid sugar rush and this store/cafe can help you better than most.

Hafız Mustafa was founded in 1864 by a money lender named İsmail Hakkı Zade. Go there for the baklava, or Turkish delight… bring them home and have friends for life. Alternatively, sit upstairs in the cafe section and enjoy a sampler plate of sweets in all shapes and sizes with a strong glass of black tea. For example: the plate pictures above includes one walnut, one baby chestnut, one slice of pumpkin, one piece of Turkish delight, one green fig, and one baby eggplant. All are candied, crunchy, and guaranteed to rot out your teeth fast as an İstanbul seagull diving for simits behind the ferry. Sirkeci,just minutes from the Old City of Sultanahmet, is home to sweet shops galore so get that insulin ready and hit the streets.

  • Don’t Miss: Pomegranate Turkish delight
  • Best Perk: Huge selection
  • Average Price: 7tl


Two branches in Sirkeci:
Hocapasa Mahallesi Muradiye Cad.
No: 51, Sirkeci
Tel:+90 (212) 527 66 53
Hobyar Mahallesi Hamidiye Cad.
No:84 Bahçekapı Eminönu
Tel:+90 (212) 513 36 10


(most of the English on the website is unintelligible)

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