IMBAT: Restaurant & A Refreshing Summer Breeze



Why settle for great food and impeccable service when you can have an amazing view as well?

The skyline of a truly great city is hard to rival in the realm of vistas. Craggy alpine terrain maybe. White sandy beach married to jade-blue sea surface? Also nice. Imbat’s terrace manzara (view) combines the pleasure of looking at slopes and sparkling sea, and skyscrapers as well. Minaret spikes stabbing heavenward in an attempt to pierce the moon from the sky. Mesmerizing light show that is the Bosphorus Bridge at night conjoining continents like Siamese twins.

But i digress.  A pretty landscape does not equal fine dining. That takes something else. Imbat is located on the top floor of the Orient Express hotel on the tramway street heading towards Topkapi Palace from Sirkeci station. Now, i know what your thinking “a hotel restaurant?” Not exactly. While they are owned by the same group, the hotel and restaurant are under different management and “that has made all the difference.”

Imbat dishes Agean fare which anyone familiar with the diversity of Turkey eats knows is not only a different league, its an entire different ball game. The people of Turkey’s West Coat cities and villages love to forage. No edible wild growing grass or herb is safe. It will get picked, pickled, fried, poached, or most likely drenched in fresh press olive oil and served raw with every meal.

Seafood is also important to the Agean folk. Always fresh, always delicious. Choose from lamb, beer, chicken, or veg delicacies if you want, but i advice the daily fish special, chef Talat Kızılten knows what he’s doing and i trust a lovely fried, steamed, or grilled sea creature will arrive immaculately plated and delicious.

The name says it all. Imbat, or “Etesian winds” are dry, cooling, winds which glide down from the north on those sweltering summer days. Relax with a glass of wine and let Imbat blow your hair back.

  • Don’t Miss:Aegean salad
  • Best Perk: Amazing view
  • Average Price: 25tl
Imbat Restaurant
Hudavendigar Street No: 34, 34210 Sirkeci
(212 ) 520 7161

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