kardesler pilav evi

Turks are serious about their rice. Normally, is the the Far East who gets the props for rice passion, but Turkey as embraced the food wholeheartedly, and made it their own. Pilav, or grains cooked in stock, are a dietary staple, easily found anywhere in the city, and delicious. A pilavci, or rice man, sells just that. Portions of rice and sometimes a bit of boiled chicken on top. Simple, filling, cheap. delicious, fast. Perfect? Nearly.

Kardeşler Pılav Evi is an example of everything that is right about eating street food in Istanbul. Get your rice with chicken or without. The rice has chick peas mixed in. Yum!  Want something to drink? Homemade Ayran is on tap. You will need the salty yogurt drink to cool your mouth if you try some of those hot peppers. they pack a punch.

Eat quickly because there is generally a line of people waiting for a stool to perch themselves on while consuming a quick lunch. Don’t go after 6 because the rice is gone and the place is closed.

Kardeşler Pılav Evi

Tahtakale Cad. No. 48

212-514-6362 (call for delivery)

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