KRAL KOKOREÇ: Insides For Your Insides

Kral Kokorec in Sirkeci Istanbul

Kokoreç is a food made from wound, spit-grilled lamb intestines, chopped, fried with onions and spices, and usually stuffed into a half loaf of Turkish bread. the texture is slightly chewy, and the flavor is very earthy with top notes of oregano, red pepper flakes, and mint which are added in the frying process. Because the preparation and cooking technique are complicated it is generally considered an envious achievement to hold the title of Master (usta).

If you’re from the West you have probably never eaten anything like this. Kokoreç is a legendary Istanbul institution. After drinking the night away in Taksim, or feeling peckish in the midday, I can personally guarantee you will never be alone enjoying one of these hangover-curing, salty sandwiches. Kral kokoreç is the most famous in Sirkeci (the neighborhood down the hill from Sultanahmet) and maintains the standards to deserve the title.

In general, I hold the opinion that if a menu in Turkey is written in only English you should be wary of the restaurant. Kral doesn’t even have a menu. If you’re touring around with your friends and shy from the intestine-sandwich proposition head down the alley to another of my favorites Ali Usta Ciğ köfteci.


  • Don’t Miss: Spicy pickled peppers as an add-on
  • Best Perk: Delicious and fast
  • Average Price: 5tl
Kral Kokoreç
Büyük Postane cd. No: 54 Sirkeci – İstanbul
Tel:0212 513 64 93

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