Pide at Mavi Halic Pidecisi

Based on the recommendation for a friend, I went to check out this pide place near Eminonu. A pide is a long and


crispy boat-shaped Turkish food composed of dough baked in an open oven with assorted topping. Arriving at this tiny restaurant I became i
nitially wary of the pre-made pides sitting in a glass case out front. In general, this sorts of places simply re-heat the stale food and call it fresh. As it turns out, the chef only uses these as examples for the tourists, he pointed excitedly to them and said the two words he knows in English “cheese, meat?”

I opted for the karısık pide (mixed) which often offers an exciting grab bag of toppings.  Being thrilled to see a fresh chunk of dough
being kneaded and hand tossed, it was easier to relax and chat with my table-mate who offered the information that he works next door and eats there nearly every day. The arrival of my lunch brought with it the delectable small of melted cheese and cured meats. Topped with peynir (cheese), sucuk (dried garlic sausage) pastirma (Turkish pastrami), and kuşbası (ground beef), the crust was thin and crispy while the mixed meats packed a punch.


Mixed pide is 8tl. Also available is Afyon etli ekmek (thin crust with just meat.) Find the

restaurant by following Kutucular Caddesi from the Spice Bazaar past the back of Rustem Paşa Mosque. You will find it on your right in the area of wooden utensil sellers.

  • Don’t Miss: Mixed Pide
  • Best Perk: Fresh made
  • Average Price: 8tl
Mavi Haliç Pidecisi
Kutucular Cadd. #28, Eminonu

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