kofte at filibe kofte

On Ankara Caddesi in Sirkeci, on the way up the hill towards Sultanahmet, there sits a coy little shop with three tables, a cash box, and a grill. A prime example of an opportunity not to judge a restaurants by its facade. The food is delicious, and an excellent cost for the opportunity to experience a traditional Turkish meal alongside some real local customers.

Köfte is the name of the game… the only name. It’s the only thing they serve, and they are experts. Apparently 100 years of doing business produces a pretty decent method. The grilled meatballs are tender and juicy, served with fresh slices tomato and onions, along with crunchy crusted bread.

Normally eaten with piyaz (white-bean salad), a plate of 6 balls costs 8tl and fills you up at lunch time. My strategy is to grab a long slice of the fresh bread and plop 3 Köftes down in the middle,lined up like rowers in a canoe sitting on a grilled green pepper bench. I give my sailors hats made from tomato and onion to protect them from the sun and gobble them not unlike a meatball submarine sandwich. Do it twice and walk away a happy camper.

  • Don’t Miss: Köfte with piyaz
  • Best Perk: Fresh traditional meal
  • Average Price: 10tl
Meşhur Filibe Köftecisi
Ankara Cad. No: 112, Sirkeci

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