pilav at Meşhur Tahtakale Pilavcısı

With 30 years experience at the rice trade, Chef Ramazan knows what he is doing. Following the tried and trued adage, “do one thing, do it well,” this lunch time food stall has no menu, in fact, there are only two choices: sade pilav (plain rice) or tavuklu pilav (with chicken). Either way, you will receive, simple, a plate with rice and chickpeas (and boiled chicken breast if you want). There is ayran (salty yogurt drink) to wash it down. To liven up your meal, add some turşu biber (spicey pickled peppers) or ketchup.

Upon ordering, your desire portion is scooped up from the huge display counter at the front of the restaurant. Sit at one of the stools and enjoy your meal, but don’t take too long or other customers may get impatient desiring a seat. For the average working Istanbulite, time, and money are of the essence. You can finish your meal in five minutes, Plain rice is 2 lira, rice with chicken is 2.50. It is fast, it is delicious, and it is cheap.


Meşhur Tahtakale Pilavcısı

Tahtakale Cad, Cömert Türk sk. No: 2/A Emınönü Istanbul


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