NURİ TOPLAR: Drink For Your Fortune

Nuri Toplar facade

“But Louis, you already wrote about Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi why do you need to write about another coffee place?” Here are three reasons: 1. I want to and it’s my website. 2. Not all coffee is created equal. 3. They gave me a 25kilo bag of coffee in return for writing about them. Numbers one and two are true. Number three was true in a dream I had which became a nightmare when the coffee roaster broke down and I had to hand-cook each bean on a stick over an open flame.

Another cool reason to write about this coffee joint (despite the fact that it is a cool coffee joint and coffee is the unicorn of the cup) is the fact that they let me inside to see the roasting machine and even take some nifty spy-shot photos. —>

Of course they do not serve coffee here in the brewed form; only the fresh roasted and ground in-house powder is available. If you feel desperate to taste it, buy some and bring it back to your hotel, then beg an employee to brew it up for you. They will know how. You can proceed to ask your friends or a gypsy on the street to read your fortune (fal) in the grounds remaining at the bottom of the cup.

  • Don’t Miss: Ask to take a peak at the roasting machine
  • Best Perk: Freshest of fresh coffee
  • Average Price:3tl per 100 grams
Hasırcılar Caddesi.No:39/41

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