What is? Ottoman Food

tavuk sultan sarma
Ottoman food refers to the cuisine served to the royalty (sultans) in the Ottoman period of Turkish history.

Red meats like mutton, lamb and veal, seasoned with tomato paste, onions and garlic, were cooked for a long time over a slow fire . While the kebabs and meatballs were prepared in pans or grills and consumed together with pastes of local vegetables, pickles, green salads and yogurt. Eggplant salad, fried potatoes, and shish kebab.

Some meats where meats cooked in a brazier, terracotta bowl or jug and in a pit filled with hot ashes.

Domestic and game fowl were also consumed, ducks, chickens, geese, and quail were favorites.

Bluefish, pelamide, mullet, plaice, sole, mackerel and bream caught in the Marmara Sea, turbot from the Black Sea and anchovies which are prepared in myriad ways.

The fish in fried, grilled, boiled, smoked, baker and steamed forms were among the much appreciated health foods and much sought- after, and were frequently demanded also by the Ottoman emperors. As for the read meats, the kebabs of Maraş, Adana and Urfa origin had later penetrated into the entire country. Such new dishes as pureed eggplant royal, imam’s choice, priest’s kebab, circassian chicken, and lady’s thigh had begun to embellish the tables and those that seek the excellence in life had developed a preference for tastier foods. Thus grew the fame of the Ottoman kitchen.

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