RECEP USTA: Street Sweets

recep usta

The Recep Usta sweets cart in is usually found somewhere in the shopping district up the hill from the Spice Bazaar, though the mobile status of this industrious salesman makes him hard to pinpoint. For 55 years, this cart has been proudly doling out small portions of carbs, fat, and sugar, to all those who come.

The long curly one is lovingly called   “ kerhane tatlısı”, or brothel sweets, this elongated version of the traditional tulumba was once common on the alleyways of some of the less savory districts of Istanbul dating back to the days of the Ottomans.

The cake is a Revani, which is a coarse grained semolina cake made very moist by adding yogurt to the batter, and flavored with vanilla, and coated in sugar syrup.

Grab a slice to eat while you walk, or buy a whole box to bring home to the kiddies. At 1 lira per piece, these sweet snacks are dangerously affordable.


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