This website was created in association with the Sirkeci Urban Redevelopment Coalition. In order to promote sustainable tourism, it is important to both preserve tradition and embrace change. This is a fine line to walk and takes concentration to keep from straying too far in one direction or the other. The goal: fair balanced and honest views of the neighborhood from the perspective of food and drink culture. What has changed, what is the same, and what should get better in a hurry.

It is not for profit, and the restaurants reviewed did not know they were being analyzed nor do we accept any bribe, kickback, or commission.

The restaurants chosen for review are thought by me and my reliable sources to be the highest quality and best bargain for the price in the neighborhood. I have not chosen to write about any place which i do not personally recommend so do not be suspicious why I have not been very critical.

Criteria for review selection includes the following:

  • Must be in the Sirkeci district
  • Must be a small business or local specialty
  • Must not be any gregarious men out front screaming at me to look at their menus “yes ok thank you please!”

All opinions are the ideas of me personally and have not been influenced in any way.

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