TATLICI SAFA: Oil, Carbs, Sugar, Go!

tatlicisi safa

For a lot of people, the first thing that comes to mind when they consider Turkish cuisine is the sweets. This stereotype is certainly rooted in reality, and sometimes it can be mind boggling how many dessert choices your hungry eyes may be berated with on a daily basis on the streets of Istanbul. My suggestion is to start my categorizing your the Turkish sweets department into three groups. Firstly, the hard and/or long shelf-life variety including hard candies like Akide, and lokum(Turkish delight). Secondly, there are the milky and pudding ones like Sutlaç, (rice pudding) and Tavukgöğsü (chicken breast pudding). Finally, there are the dough and pastry ones like baklava, küefe, kadayif, lokma, or halka.

Tatlıcı Safa is an establishment of the third variety, serving a differences and different-daily selection of bakalavas, lokmas, and other creations. Toss them a one lira coin and grab a plastic container of lokma, or order a box of baklavas to take home with you. There are also tables, as well as a dining area upstairs, where you can enjoy a sampler plate of whatever is fresh along with a Turkish coffee or tea.

Tatlıcı Safa

Hasırcılar Cad. no. 10 Eminönü

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