hamsi and chick peas at Trabzon

People who live and work in Istanbul are want to frequent the quick lunch places called Esnaf Lokantasi. These local restaurants serve mostly pre-maid dishes and can boring but at least you see what you are getting beforehand. Trabzon though, is an exception. The food is fresh and delicious. In fact, i can safely say that this lokanta serves much better food then the majority of bigger “made-to-order” restaurants in Istanbul.

Named after the city in North East Turkey, the proprietors of Trabzon dish out the regional delicacies of their home town. Hamsi (Black Sea Sardines) are eaten frequently in Northern Turkey and are served either fried with a corn meal batter (hamsi tava), or cooked with rice to make hamsi pilavı.

Since a friend recommended this restaurant extolling the virtues of their nohutlu pilav(chick peas with rice,) I ordered a portion but soon thereafter spotted the hamsi tava and decided to go for a plate of that as well, it being a common dish of the namesake town. The chick peas are so tender they are creamy and the rice is firm  and flavorful without being to greasy as happens sometimes. The sardines are crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. My only regret after leaving the establishment was that I very possibly ate too much.

  • Don’t Miss: Nohutlu pilav (chick peas with rice)
  • Best Perk: Quick and cheap lunch
  • Average Price: 6tl

Trabzon Lokantasi

Hüdavendigar Cad. Dervişer Sok. No:13

0212 519 92 02


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