What Is? Hoca Paşa Street

Hoca Paşa is a small street in Sirkeci, Istanbul. There are many local restaurants, a mosque, and a cultural center.

No visit to Sirkeci, or Istanbul that matter, is complete without a visit to  Hoca Paşa street. The Hoca Paşa Kultur Merkezi (Hodja Pasha Cultural Center) gives performances of Mevlana Sufi dervishes.

There is a local mosque which is frequented by the shop owners and other works of the district, but the imam will be happy to accept any visitors who wish to see the inside. Please dress in accordance with religious reverence and modesty. Always remove your shoes before entering any mosque.

The restaurants are especially rich along this small corridor. You can find pide at Hoca Paşa Pidecesi,  fasulye at Kardeşler, Kebap, döner at Kasap Osman, cağ kebap at Şehzadeköfte at Namlı Rumeli or Meşhur Filibe, and etliekmek at Guvenç Konyali.

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