What Is? İçli Köfte

icli kofte
 İçli Köfte is a fried or boiled meat ball with cracked wheat (bulgur)  coating.


In İçli köfte the exterior crust acts as a  vessel within which minced meat, onions, and spices cook.

It is a special dish because it is difficult to make. Commonly made in the Southern part of Turkey, some people stuff it with just ground meat, while in other places it can’t be called içli köfte without ground walnuts inside.  Some prefer a more greasy meat for the filling, but again others think that it makes the dish too heavy and fattening. Some people fry these köftes whereas others boil them in hot water.

When people have important guests for dinner, they often make içli köfte for their guests to show how they are important to the host.

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