What is? Kahvaltı (breakfast)

turkish breakfast
Kahvalti, literally meaning [before coffee], is the Turkish word for breakfast.

Turkish breakfast is often diverse and consists of several different foods eaten together with çay (tea) and before kahve (coffee) at the end of the meal. Of course, most people do not eat breakfasts, like the one in the picture above, everyday. Most families eat a small börek (filo pastry) or simit (sesame bagel) on the average morning, perhaps with cheese or fruit jam. The picture above is of typical breakfast foods, but served in the afternoon at an ever growing number of Van Kahvaltı houses which specialize in all-day breakfast foods.

Often eaten at the morning meal are: bread, jam, cheese, boiled eggs, eggs with sucuk (garlic sausage), menemen (tomato & egg omelet), olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, and börek.



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