What is? Türk Kahvesi (Turkish Coffee)

turkish coffee
Turkish coffee is a brewed coffee drink served unfiltered in small cups.

While not actually growing any coffee beans, Turkey has made a name for itself on the world beverage arena with its dark and strong unfiltered coffee. Having originated in Ethiopia, it is believed the aromatic beans found their way to the Ottomans via spice route trading where they were quickly adopted as a feature of the privlaged. In modern times, Turkish coffee is most often produced using South American beans, roasted in Turkey, and ground fresh upon demand. See the map at the bottom of the page for some places to buy fresh roasted and ground Turkish coffee in Sirkeci.

If at a cafe or restaurant, and you order a  turkish coffee, you may request it  either plain (sade) medium sugar (orta şekerli) or very sweet (çok şekerli).

My own personal instructions for preparing Turkish coffee:

Use a half tablespoon of coffee for each Turkish coffee cup of water, both go into the cezve.

Put it on the stove, stir in sugar as needed, and cook until frothy on top

Use the spoon to scoop out the froth into the bottom of each coffee cup being filled.

Pour the coffee down the side of the cup (inside) to fill each cup but preserve the foam

Drink, flip the cup over onto the saucer, and get one of your friends to read your fortune in the grounds.


View Turkish Coffee in Sikeci in a larger map

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