What Is? Midye Dolma

midye dolma
Midye dolma is a form of stuffed mussels prepared with rice, and spices.

When tasting this Istanbul street-food delicacy, TV personality and famous culinary mind Anthony Bourdain obdurately commented “Nothing i like better then unlicensed seafood of indeterminate providence!” though in his defence, he then proceeded to indulge in several of the mollusks. Midye sellers have a bad rap, rumors about them being undercover police spying on unsuspecting pedestrians, selling illegal shellfish, or scouting locations for potential thievery. These insensitive labels, in my experience, are unfounded and should be disregarded, along with any fear of potential food poisoning of salmonella. As Bourdain succinctly put it “you don’t get rich by poisoning your neighbors.”
These Mussels stuffed with rice and other delicious seasonings are perfect anytime of the day, and conveniently found on just about every corner, as well as being delivered atop the head of a mussel hawker while you are enjoying your refreshments on the seaside or at one of the many outdoor cafes.

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