What Is? Raki (aniseed liquor)

Raki is a Turkish liquor made from distilled grapes and flavored with aniseed.

There are loads of different brands of raki, the most famous being Yeni Raki. My advise to is to taste as many as you can and decide for your own which one is best. Turkish raki is similar to other regional liquors like arak in the Middle East, ouzo in Greece, sambuca in Italy, or pastis in France

Raki is produced by distilling fermented grapes, but unlike cognac, the grapes are not made into wine before distilling. The liquor is then flavored with aniseed.

Raki is almost always consumed along with food like Mezes, fish or salads. You can try raki at just about any restaurant which serves alcohol, or from any grocery store or tekel (small shop).

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