What is? Simit

Simit in Istanbul
Simit is a a loop shaped bread covered in and sold as a cheap street food snack.

Simit are often described as the Turkish bagel  but this is an inaccurate description. Simit are baked in a stone oven where as bagels are boiled before being baked.  Simit also tend to be crunchy on the outside providing a delicious contrast in texture to the soft inside. These round breads are served all over the city of Istanbul by licensed resellers who pedal their wares from distinctive white carts.. Alternatively, you may find a man walking around with a tray of simit on his head and screaming towards the apartments above if anyone is hungry for his snacks. These breads are the most widely consumed street food in Istanbul.

Simit are also sold in bakeries all over town, and some in a variety of flavors. Susam (sesame), haşhaş (black sesame), and Ay Çekirdeği (sunflower seed) are some of the most well known. It is also possible on occasion to get add-ons to your breakfast bread like krem peynir (cream cheese) or recel (fruit jam.)   The standard one costs 1 Turkish Lira.

Note: Simit last a maximum of 1 day so do not purchase them in advance and expect them to stay fresh. You can somewhat rehabilitate your simit by toasting it but it will never be as good as the fresh variety.

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