What is? Sucuk

Sucuk is a form of dried, spiced sausage common in Turkey, the Middle East, and the Balkans

Sucuk is a cased dried sausage product, often seasoned with garlic and red pepper flakes. The prices and quality of sucuk vary to a great extent from mass produced hot-dog-style sucuk which costs about 5 Turkish Lira per kilo to nearly 100 Lira per kilo for the top quality hand-made variety.
Common ways to serve sucuk are fried with eggs, or grilled and served as a sandwich.
Of cultural significance during breakfast time, especially the pre-dawn meal during the months of Ramadan, this spicy sausage traces its roots to the days before agricultural production was the norm in Anatolia, and nomads needed a way to preserve and transport meat products while traveling in search of seasonal vittles.

While available at any grovery store, a nice place to stop buy and purchase or eat sucuk is Namlı Pastirmaci here:

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