BALIK EKMEK: “Half A Century Old Historical Flavor”

balik ekmek boats in Sirkeci

So maybe you don’t actually want your fish sandwich (balık ekmek) to taste like it is 50 years old as the moist towelette handed out by the proprietors of Derya fish sandwich boat propose. Not to fret, the fish is purportedly very fresh, grilled right on one of the several little boats moored to the Eminönü dock.

For this omnivore, stuffing a grilled fish fillet into half loaf of bread and piling on some onion, salt, and lemon juice is and ideal snack at lunch time or when the late night munchies hit. Fish sandwiches are available city wide but traditionally this place just west of the Galata Bridge, connecting the Old City and Sultanahmet with the Beyoğlu sıde, is a hot spot for finned fritter vittles.

Added advantage: the abundance of pickle sellers (turşucu) hawking the culmination of this hand-held feast. Pickled cucumber, carrot, cabbage, radish, peppers, and a plethora of other preserved veggies are available as well as a delicious drink of pickle juice (turşu suyu,) tangy and refreshing on a warm summer evening.

  • Don’t Miss: Extra pickles on your sandwich
  • Best Perk: Fast and easy
  • Average Price: 5tl


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