DIYARBAKIR SOFRASI: Just Like Your Mom Would Make

kuru fasulye

This building is not new, and in fact, the restaurant part is not new either, it has been there through several iterations and names, but recently has accrued a new management which seems to be in agreement with the spirit of the neighborhood, and not just out for a profit. Being lodged in between the touristy tram way street and the Mayor’s office, the lunch selections are homely, but delicious.
The restaurant is run by an older couple, who cook, serve, and even clean the restaurant themselves. Don’t expect anything fancy, or much of a selection beyond rice and beans, grilled meatballs, and maybe one daily special, but do expect them to be decent food at a decent meal. It seems that their slogan taped to the outside window may actually be true: “Turkish food just like your mom would make if she was Turkish.”







Hükümet Konağı Cd 1/C, Sirkeci Istanbul

212 528 0200

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