FASULI: Ataturk Likes It

fasulye at fasuli

If you have been reading my blog for awhile now you probably know that I have a love for all foods simple. It should be plane enough that you can taste each ingredient, but special enough that not every one can make it. It should be reasonably priced but the restaurant should turn a profit on volume. So when I read and heard and saw Fasuli, with its sign out front purporting the “worlds mostTurkish dried beans,”I decided it was time to give it a try. They have been written about on Istanbuleats.com and a variety of other Turkish language reporting sights and food blogs.

The Sirkeci location is excellent in terms of visibility. it is on the road with the tram line just down a few windows from Hafiz Mustafa . But with visibility comes noise, traffic, and air pollution. There is no where to put an outside table. Ok, fine, I will eat quickly inside and come back out to enjoy the sunlight. The menu arrives and surprise is the initial emotion. 8tl for a plate of beans? 5tl for a plate of plane rice? But I quickly some to my senses and remember that the Turkish Lira has been in a downfall for two years, inflation runs rampant, my rent went up by a hundred lira per month, and this district attracts tourists with Euros in their pockets.

The plate of beans arrives and it is a decent size. Bread is free. The sauce is a bit oily for my taste but the chunks of meat who ballet with the beans a-la Mad Men are delicious. The service is good because of the Turkish tradition to have about twice as many employees as a normal western style joint. There is a place mat explaining where these beans come from, who the usta is, where the three other locations are, and how Ataturk loved to eat this particular dish (though not from this restaurant or made by this chef.)

  • Don’t Miss: kuru fasulye (bean stew)
  • Best Perk: Cultural experience
  • Average Price: 15tl

(0212) 528 50 53



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