KASAP DÖNER: How Hungry Are You?

doner wrap with fries at kasap doner

Doner is the most common fast food in Turkey and many parts of Europe, which isn’t surprising since the essence of the food is so simple. Grilled meat + break of some sort. The way the meat is cooked, seasoned, and put in the bread are what makes all the difference.  Kasap Doner really is doing it right. The meat is not overcooked, it is juicy, the thin breads called lavaş are headed in a stone oven before rolling. The french fries are crispy and hot.

The menu is creatively designed to streamline the ordering process. First you decided how hungry you are, then you choose what sort of bread you want, and if you want fries. There are really no other options than doner so dont worry about ordering the wrong thing.  My wrap was 8.50 lira with a large portion of fries for an additional 5tl which was enough to share with a friend or two.

This restaurant is worlds better then the previous shop who used to operate in this location, called Baks. They had poor service, mediocre food, and high prices. Kasap doner is about as far from that as possible, and has my vote for best doner experience in Sirkeci, when you take into account the competent waiters and ipads on the table for your playing enjoyment., and presumably so you can check in on foursquare or whatever. Why wouldn’t you use your phone for that? You cant order from the ipads either. In fact i don’t know why they are there, but i’m not complaining.

Kasap Doner

Baks Cafe And Restaurant

Büyük Pastane Cad. Muhsinoğluhan No:38 1/2 Sirkeci

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