What Is? Köfte (meatballs)

kofte at cemberlitas

Kofte are grilled or baked meat balls of all shapes and sizes

Kofte are a traditional staple of the Turkish diet. There are hundreds of different varieties and vary greatly in size and shape. Some are long and thin, others are balls, and others are patty shaped. They can be made from beef, lamb, or a combination of the two. As a street food, these delicious morsels are often served up grilled on a portable cart and stuffed into bread to make a sandwich. Find these street sellers at most major sport events or outside of concerts on weekend evenings.

Alternatively, sometimes a kofte can be baked or boiled in a stew with vegetables and usually with a tomato paste based sauce.

Note: the main difference between a kofte and a kebap is the stick protruding through the center of a kebap.


Some places to eat kofte in Sirkeci:


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