KÖFTECİ YAŞAR: Meatballs For Life

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I am not particularly attracted by gourmet food. in fact, it seems like at least half the time I miss the point entirely. It is lovely to taste some rare foods or a delicious delicacy from a far away land, but doing so just for the sake of showing off your wealth or displaying your affluence to other opulently embellished gentry can be garish or even obscene. Especially when your ostentatious repast comes at great expense to other people or the natural environment. I am thinking caviar, shark fin soup, or monkey brains for example. The middling denizens  or my tirade being truffles, out of season strawberries flown in from Africa or South America,  or fab-fad foods like sushi with endangered tuna or ostrich burgers.

The people who live and work in the Sirkeci neighborhood of Istanbul, have no patience for such frivolity. Hard working men and women who take their cuisine seriously, and expect their stomachs and tongues to come away happy and healthy. These people do not generally eschew new flavors or idea, but nor do they actively seek out the newest, trendiest vittles.  The consummate üsta, or chef, adroitly attending to the grill at köfteci Yaşar seems to know his cutomers and do all in his power to meet their demanding yet simple request; reasonably priced, delicious, and predictable food.


Embraced literally within one of the buttresses of Rüstem Paşa Camii, this köfte restaurant is happy to serve up a delicious plate of grilled meat whether you be devout, heathen, or anything in between. What you seen cost 7.50tl and was absolutely delicious. The bread was toasted and crispy, the köfte, or meatballs, were juicy, and flavorful made with both lamb and beef. The salad was fresh and crisp. I intend to become a regular at this establishment as it meets all of my criteria… delicious, simple, and not too expensive.

köfteci Yaşar

Mahkeme sk. number 3/C Eminönü

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