LAK LAK: I Do Like Them Sam-I-Am

omlette at lak lak

What Lak Lak lacks in charm, it makes up for in breakfast. A tiny restaurant along the tramway that leads from Eminonu to Sultanahmet, this 6 table operation is a sort of short order sandwich and breakfast place open all day and serving the entire (limited) menu. On a tip from a carpet seller, I went for the Lak Lak omlette but decided against ordering it because of the price. 7tl but it does have potatoes, mushrooms, and assorted other ingredients. Instead, the sucuk (dried garlic sausage) omelette for 4.5 lira seemed like the better investment and it was served hot and moist in a timely manner. Not so fast i thought it might be pre-made, but not so slow that I became anxious. There is also an assortment of toasted and cold sandwiches available as well as some fresh fruit juices and decent tea. If you sleep in an miss your hotel breakfast, or you somehow find yourself searching for lost friends in Sirkeci after a long night of drinking, Lak Lak is a totally decent breakfast stop and reasonably priced.

  • Don’t Miss: Lak Lak Omelette
  • Best Perk: Location
  • Average Price: 6tl

Lak Lak Cafe And Fast Food

Orhaniye Cad. no 26 Sirkeci


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