MR. KEBAB: Slovakian Kebab Arrives

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Turkey has a long tradition of exporting its fast foods to Europe. The döner, the lahmacun, and others have joined the trek westward along with the immigrants who helped to re-populate and re-industrialize Central and Western Europe. From Paris to Berlin, and from London to Vienna, the street food market is flooded with Turkishesque munchies for those with brave hearts and iron stomachs. The eventuality of this free market place, and the mixing of cultural norms has produced a quite unique cuisine from that which left Turkey 50 years ago, the evolution of the fast food industry has both influenced and been influenced by, the prevalence of cheap Turkish eats. Along these lines, I was not very surprised when, by chance, I spotted a flier for a restaurant called Mr. Kebab touting its diverse locations including Korea, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and now Turkey.

What did surprise me was that the company is Slovakian, and the food they sell is of the Euro-Turk variety. Upon wandering up Ankara Caddesi in search of this place, I found it to be incredibly small. approximately 3 square meters in total. The line is long because they are offering %50 off on their first week in business. I wait. I eventually order a Mr. Kebab sandwich which costs me 2.25tl but the normal price will be 4.50tl. That seems expensive for such a small chicken sandwich. Though it was pretty good and the yogurt and spicy tomato sauce was reminiscent of a German döner sandwich. Though not high on my recommendation list for a neighborhood which is full of good restaurants, the cultural experience and the tale-worth-telling prompted me to share this humble kebap stand’s story


Mr, Kebab

Ankara Caddesi, No. 49/A

Sirkeci, Istanbul

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