ŞEHZADE: 14+3=19

sehzade cag kebap

In the small district known as Hoca Paşa in Sirkeci sits a mosque, an diverse selection of eateries, and lots of Turks. One of those restaurants is called Şehzade Cağ Kebap and the food is delicious…

Cağ kebap is a specialty from the city of Erzurum in Eastern Turkey. The first time I ever sampled this particular dish was in the İstanbul neighborhood called Gebze on a jaunt to see where the commuter train ends. The cooking method is unique as the döner looking mechanism is oriented horizontally instead of the normal vertical style. Also, the meat is fatty lamb instead of beef or chicken, which is scrumptious in every way. A skewer is stuck through the side of the kebap and the meat is sliced off the larger roll onto the skewer. You take the salty tender morsels and shove them into a lavaş bread (sort of like a Turkish tortilla) and sprinkle onions on top.

Praise for the food is easy, and you can read the same thing I wrote on several other websites regarding Istanbul, but my qualms with the establishment hold. The waiter was pushy, trying to force extras onto my table, and then he over charged me for my meal. Kebap portion is 14 lira and salad is 3 lira so how can the bill come to 19? I guess he added himself a 2 lira tip.

  • Don’t Miss: Buffalo yoğurt
  • Best Perk: Hard to find specialty food
  • Average Price: 20tl
Şehzade Cağ Kebabı
Hocapaşa Sokak No.3A, Sirkeci
(0212) 520 33 61

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