What Is? Dürüm

Dürüm is the Turkish word for wrap, and is normally some sort of meat and vegetables rolled inside a thin bread called Lavaş.

Dürüm is one of the most common food groups in Istanbul culture, and there are as many kinds of dürüm as there are dürümcu, Turkish for the wrap making profession. Chicken or beef döner are common sights, as well as kebaps  or shish (skewered meat pieces).  Other fillings may include vegetables or cheese.

The most important component which can progress the standard everyday dürüm into something special is the flat bread. It should be thick enough to contain the juices of the meat, but thin enough to be light and chewy.

In Sirkeci, try a dürüm at any of these places:

View durum in Sirkeci in a larger map

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