What Is? Ekmek

turkish bread
Ekmek is the Turkish word for bread. It comes in every shape and size imaginable, always fresh, usually delicious.

There is strong evidence that the first domesticated wheat was sow and harvested in the Eastern Anatolian part of what is today Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan, along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. They also developed the first mechanical grinding stones, for making wheat and barley flour, which could then be made into bread for eating. This is an important step in processing grains which would otherwise be difficult for the human digestion system to utilize.

Thousands of years later, Turkey is a long history of baking fresh and delicious bread, and serving it at every meal.

There are as many kinds of bread as there are bakeries in Turkey, white, whole wheat, sesame, pide, simits, and everything in between.

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