What Is? Iftar

tavuk shish
Iftar is a grand meal eaten by Muslim people who choose to fast during the Holy Month of Ramazan (Ramadan) at sunest to break the daily fast.

Iftar meals can range from grand 30 course feasts to small bowls of race and fruits depending on the prosperity and opportunity of those celebrating the Holy Month of Ramazan (Ramadan).

Tents are often constructed in public squares where charitable organizations provide free or low-cost Iftar meals to those devotees who are economically unable to provide their own dinner but still wish to participate the the religious festivities.

Generally any food can be eaten at Iftar time but traditionally the fast is broken with a cup of water and a few dates to wake up the stomach followed by a soup course, main dishes, and a rose pudding flavored dessert called Gülaç

Of course almost all restaurants in Istanbul remain open in the day during the Holy Month, but most offer a set-price Iftar meal served at sunset.

in Sirkeci, the restaurants on Hoca Paşa street often Iftar menus, or walk up to the Hippodrome next to the blue mosque.

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