What Is? Istavrit (Mediterranean Horse Mackerel)

 Istavrit is a variety of small Mackerel fish who live in the Marmara sea and are a delicious delicacy during the summer months. 

When you walk across the Galata Bridge, you may notice about 5 gajillion fishermen lined up each with a pole and a line with about 15 hooks dangling from it. If you ever wondered what they are fishing for, the answer is whatever they can snag. But mostly, the take in summer is consisted by and large of Isavrit, which are a local species of Mackerel, small and delicious, they commute from the Marmara to the Black Sea through the Bosphorus Strait. Often served fried, but also available grilled or baked, the tiny crunchy fishes go excellent with meze and raki.

In sirkeci, a good place to try Istavrit is Sirkeci Balikcisi here is a map:

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