What is? Künefe

kunefe at lezzet-i sark
künefe is a grilled dessert made from wheat, cheese, and sugar syrup.

Turkey is famous for its desserts, and many of them remain mostly unknown to the outside world. Kunefe is a prime example of one delicious treat which has been largely ignored by the global community in favor of baklava or lokum (Turkish delight.)

Künefe is crafted in a small metal tray into which a piece of aged cheese called kaşar is placed.  On top of this cheese goes some shredded wheat, and sugar syrup, and the whole plate is placed on a charcoal grill to melt and crisp into perfection, at which time ground pistachios are sprinkled on top. The salty cheese, the sweet syrup, and the crunchy wheat make for a delightful treat.

Not to be confused with Kadayif, which is served cold and does not have cheese.

Try künefe at Lezzet-i Şark in Sirkeci, Istanbul… here is a map:



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