What Is? Lokum (Turkish Delight)

 Lokum  is a sweet of starch and sugar gel often containing nuts and fruit flavorings.

Often in the shape of small cubes, Turkish delight, or Lokum, was invented more than 200 years ago by the royal confectioner to the Ottoman Sultan. A gel of grain starch and sugar is boiled, and chopped nuts or fruit flavoring is added. As the gel sets, it gains a chewy consistency, and is chopped, dusted with powdered sugar, and sold by the kilo. In modern times, there are a limitless varieties of Lokum available, including sugar free and nut-allergy specific types.

In Sirkeci, buy Turkish Delight at Koska, The Spice Bazaar, Haci Bekir, or Hafiz Mustafa heres a map:

Şunu daha büyük bir haritada görüntüle: lokum in Sirkeci

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